Friday, 17 April 2015

Migrant windfall at Brascote GP.

On  Friday 10th of April, there was a lot of movement of migrants coming in on the South coast -mainly Ring Ouzel - but also really good numbers of Hoopoe in the South West, and a few Garganey were also being found, so, while out on Saturday morning putting up a couple of owl boxes with my good mate Paul Riddle, I got a message from Ben Croxall that our mate Nick had found 3 probably 4 Ring Ouzels at my local patch Brascote GP. Not having seen this bird at Brascote before, (in fact I must find out whether they have ever been recorded there) it was quickly on with the job in hand! The owl boxes were soon in position, so Paul and I made a quick exit for home, and planned to meet up at Brascote GP asap,  which is what we did! We arrived at the site and there were a few familiar faces there already, viewing two male Ring Ouzels in an hedge line running up the field - absolutely stunning birds!  I took a few record images - the birds never came close enough for good images. 
The image below is very heavily cropped, but a really good patch tick. The birds did fly off in an northerly direction, and we thought they had gone - but they were seen again later that evening and there has been 2 there now for the last several days, along with a few Wheatear who have joined them.

Ring Ouzel

Whilst there, I had my first singing Blackcap of 2015, and the day before my first singing Chiffchaff  - which obligingly posed for a decent image!


Now, for a long time, my birding buddy Pete Asher (my mentor) and I have said  that this site is ideal for Garganey, so it was no surprise when, on Tuesday, I got a message from Ben Croxall that Allan Pocock had found a pair of Garganey on one of the old settling pools - trouble was, I could not get there till Wednesday morning due to work and other commitments, so at first light the next day, I was at the pool waiting for my second patch tick in as many days - but they must have decided to leave the previous evening, which was a warm and clear night, so I will just have to wait for the next one to come along, and hopefully I will be the finder!
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  1. Sorry to hear you missed the Garganey Col. I had also long predicted Garganey for Brascote. These latest sightings prove there is still life in the old site.

  2. Certainly is mate, Red-Rumped Swallow is my next prediction fingers crossed.

  3. Nice post Col, shame about missing the Garganey but seeing the Ouzels and getting that stunning Chiffchaff image must have made up for it?

    1. Cheers buddy, i'm sure they will be another Garganey, but yes the Ouzels, great bird and a good patch tick