Thursday, 29 October 2015

Norflolks Eastern Gems

The week after coming back from Shetland, my mate Dave Gray was asking if any body wanted to go to north Norfolk for a days birding as a few eastern birds had turned up, so, on Thursday morning, Neil Hagley, Brian Moore, Dave and myself headed for Norfolk. After an uneventful  journey, and with the obligatory stop at Kings Lynn Mcdonalds for a sausage and egg Mcmuffin, we started at Wells wood looking for Blyth's Reed Warbler; Neil and Brian did get brief views of the bird, but it was really elusive. There were Goldcrest everywhere - but apparently not as many as the day before! I would have liked to have seen that fall  There was a Humes leaf Warbler reported, but the message was a bit vague as to where the bird was, so we decided to head for Holkham pines for a Red-flanked Bluetail. It was a good walk to where the bird was frequenting - again lots of Goldcrest on the way -but it was well worth it when this gem showed! On our walk back, an Isabelline Shrike showed distantly from Washington hide; reports then came of Olive-backed Pipit at Muckleburgh Hill so off we went to try and find yet another eastern migrant. After approx 45 minutes, Neil found  the bird doing what all OBP's do - creeping through the grass! Sadly, I didn't see it as we were short on time, and had to head for home,but I know it showed quite well after we had left.  All in all, it was a great day out with some good mates doing some general birding in a week which saw the east coast of Britain awash with eastern migrants.
Below is record  image of the Red-flanked Bluetail

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  1. I hope some of those Eastern Germs hang around for a few more days as I'm going to Norfolk at the weekend? Super image of the RF Bluetail mate......

  2. Thanks mate! have a great time in Norfolk buddy