Monday, 25 January 2016

Florida Part 2

Well, I have sorted through thirteen hundred images which I took whilst in Florida on the family holiday - good job I wasn't actually on bird watching trip - there's no telling how many images I would have taken!! And so, below are a few more images of the birds we encountered during our ten day stay.  There are some new species below and some from my previous post but probably in a different pose
                                                                       American Kestrel
                                                                       Black Vulture
                                                                    Boat-tailed Grackle
                                                                     Brown Pelican
                                                                      Caspian Tern
                                                                    Common Grackle
                                                              Double-crested Cormorant
                                                                      Fish Crow
                                                                    Great-blue Heron
                                                                    Great-white Egret
                                                               Northern Mockingbird
                                                                   Palm Warbler
                                                               Red-breasted Merganser
                                                                     Ring-billed Gull
                                                                    Sandhill Crane
                                                                     Snowy Egret
                                                                    Tri-coloured Heron

A bit gruesome I know, but below is the River Otter at different stages of eating the duck it had found - or more probably killed! As you can see it didn't leave a lot!
Hope you have enjoyed the images from Florida, and as always, thanks for stopping by. If you have any comments, please don't be afraid to post them, as I would welcome any feedback.


  1. Nice one Col, those images bring back fond memories of my trip to Florida back in 1987.

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    1. Must be about due for a return trip Carl.....

  3. Nice one pal. I must go back there sometime.

  4. Another fantastic selection of images Mr G, it has certainly whet my appetite for a return visit.

    1. Brilliant family destination and loads to do even if you ave already been mate............