Sunday, 10 April 2016

Kingfishers and Wagtails

Just a short post today - a couple of weeks ago, my mate Paul Riddle and I were going out to check  a few of our Barn and Little Owl boxes, but before we started, we grabbed our customary sausage and tomato cobs,  and went to see if the Kingfishers were showing at Pauls' site; its the same site we were at a few posts ago. On the slow drive to the Kingfishers, we noticed the Green Sandpiper was still frequenting its usual haunt and also a pair of Grey Wagtails had taken up residence, but on this visit there was no sign of the Water Rail
                                                                   Green Sandpiper
                                                                 Grey Wagtail

Whilst Paul and I sat there by the river enjoying our breakfast, the male Kingfisher landed on one of his favourite perches; he just sat there preening and having a bit of a stretch now and then. Paul then heard another Kingfisher and our male bird's posture totally changed - something I've never seen before - making itself look a lot bigger, as you can see in the last image. It chased the intruder off, before coming back to the perch. I could have stayed watching it all day, but the owl boxes don't check themselves, so Paul and I left the Kingfishers to their business, and we went and did a bit of work on the boxes
                                                          Kingfisher having a stretch
                                                             looking for his breakfast
I'm bigger than you think!

As I said, just a short post for today. Thanks for stopping by


  1. Great set mate, you're getting good at this photography lark!

  2. Cheers buddy, all you need is a good teacher mate............haha