Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Gannet Twitch

Last weekend I spent 3 enjoyable days at the British Birdfair - on the Sunday I had spent the morning helping to man the LROS stand with Andy Smith, who had traveled with me to Rutland. Having had a really good last day at the show, we arrived back at my house at 6.15ish pm, absolutely shattered from walking around all weekend. Andy picked up his car and headed for his home at Thornton.  I was looking forward to tucking into my salad which the duchess had made for me - which is what I was doing - when I was interrupted by a call from Dave Gray;  he was hollering down the phone and obviously in an hurry - ' do you need Gannet for your county list?'  'Yes'  I replied, thinking he was still at Rutland ( I certainly wasn't driving all the way back there again that night!) 'Well, there is one at Thornton Reservoir -  see you there!'  was the reply. A quick call to my mate Pete, and I was on my way! Apparently,as Andy left my house, he thought he would just check the reservoir from the dam before going home - and the rest is history, as they say! A few us had good views of this adult Gannet before bad light stopped play; I returned the following day and took some images. It's obviously exhausted,  but hopefully it will eventually make it back to the coast where it should be. It was still there on Tuesday evening and has been flying about and has even been seen eating fish, so fingers crossed it will be able to leave the reservoir soon.
                                                              Adult Gannet
Gannet thinking its a Swan

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  1. Gordon Gannet has enjoyed 2 Morrisons Herrings today. See my blog and I still have all digits!

  2. I went and had a look at it first light on Sunday Col, it just sat motionless on the end of the dam, a real shame to here it has now died.

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