Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A County First.......

Just a quick post about the Surf Scoter that was found at Rutland Water yesterday afternoon (27.12.16)  When the news broke, confirming the bird as a Surf Scoter, it was a bit late for me to go for it, as the light would have been going, so I decided to go today, the 28th. After scraping the frost off the car, and with the car thermometer telling me it was minus one outside, I was hoping for a quick trip there and back - but firstly hoping the bird was still there! Arriving some 50 minutes later, I bumped into a few of the Leicestershire birding fraternity who said it was still there and showing well and could be viewed off the dam. It was cold, with a good frost - but bright sunshine - not the fog we were expecting! Walking towards the dam, I bumped into Andy Makay who soon put me on to the bird - a first county record of a first winter Surf Scoter.  I stayed for an hour or so, then headed for home and the warm.
                                                                      Surf Scoter
Surf Scoter first winter

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