Friday, 2 May 2014

A County tick

On Wednesday evening Dave Gray messaged me about a Glossy Ibis that had been found at Wanlip Meadows, but was seen to fly towards Birstall just after 8 'o' clock. It was too late do anything about it, so we agreed to look for it in the morning, as soon as Dave finished his night shift. Dave went straight to Birstall Meadows, where he rang me from, saying there was no sign of the bird, so he was going to  head for Watermead  CP North next. I headed off to Wanlip Meadows, where, after about 10 minutes, I located the Ibis feeding on the pool! I gave Dave a call to let him know - he was not far away from the tower hide that overlooks the pool, and he also got good views, so after putting the news out that the bird was still about, and ringing my mate Paul who was on his way to work in Melton but did find time to call in for quick view of the bird, I took a few record images and headed home. It was a county tick for me, and a patch tick for Dave. Not a bad couple of hours!
Record image of the Glossy Ibis
Glossy Ibis


  1. Nice one Col - it didn't take you very long to get that one back on me. I saw the one the other week at Hicks Lodge.

  2. Cheers Carl, no mate it didn't, and l was lucky enough to re-find it on the Thursday morning,some are saying its probably the same bird as the Hicks Lodge one

  3. Well captured buddy, I think I might nick this image too and put it on my blog as one I took!

  4. Be my guest mate, they will know its not one of yours because the quality of the image.-:)