Sunday, 11 May 2014

Little Boxes

I was out this morning helping my mate, the Owl man himself - Mr Paul Riddle - and a good mate of ours, John Starry, who was only with us for a couple of hours to check out some of the Little Owl boxes in the South of the county. First box we checked was a good start - the hen bird was in residence with 2 chicks and 1 egg yet to hatch. We then checked out a Barn Owl site as Paul had had a bird in the area early in the week; the bird was roosting in the barn, but not using the box, which has been occupied with 2 Stock Dove chicks, so probably looking for next year for the Barnies. So on to the next little Owl site where both birds were present, and the hen bird was sitting on 4 eggs. The next two sites proved to be productive as well, with birds being in residence in both boxes and 4 and 5 eggs respectively
Little Owl and her clutch of 4 eggs

One of our boxes is just a little to high for my liking, as the slightest wind moves the trunk of the tree all over the place - but the job has to done. The hen sitting on 5 eggs at this box
                                                       Not my favorite box
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    My mate Paul does sometimes go up the ladder - but only a few rungs, then he gets scared!!

                                                         Paul being brave

On the way back home,  Paul spotted a Little Owl sitting at the entrance to a natural nest hole site - how he spots them, I don't know! He stopped so I could grab an image,  before the owl scampered back into his nest hole
Little Owl at home



  1. What I didn't tell you mate was whilst you took that image of me up the ladder I was gripping on tightly with my fat thighs, even though it was on three feet up!! Nice post mate and I enjoyed the day......

  2. Even worse working off a ladder when some-one has a camera....

    Oi, snap, image of petrified look in the bag and on the blog......

  3. That's Paul all over Simon hahaha!!