Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ring-Ring........It's all worthwhile!!

My mate Paul Riddle and I have been checking lots of owl boxes over the last few weeks - both Little Owl and Barn Owl, and this year we have had to date our best year..... especially with the Barn Owls, after last year's disastrous demise of adult birds who were unable to find food due heavy and prolonged snow fall.
So, today, we met up with our BTO ringer, Mick Townsend, and were going to return to 4 boxes that  have all got young in, ready to be ringed. The 4 boxes produced 15 healthy chicks in total, which were all ringed today,and we even had time to visit a Little Owl Box where we also ringed 3 chicks. It was good to see the hen bird in the box, which we had ringed last year! When you see these birds in the hand, it makes all worth while! A few images below of today's exploits......
Enjoy your visit!
Me with a chick from the first box

Paul with a chick from the first box

Mick with the 4 babies from the last box

cute, hey??

Paul with the 3 Little Owl Chicks sporting their new rings