Thursday, 5 June 2014

What a Spectacle

On Monday a Spectacled Warbler was found at Burnham Overy, Staithe, in Norfolk. Though there was plenty of time to get there I had already made plans with my mate Paul Riddle to go and check out some Owl boxes, so I decided to wait for updated news of the bird on Tuesday morning. When news came through that the bird was still there, my wife, bless her, said she would come along for the ride and keep me company but then came a call from my mate Steve James, to say he could get some time off work and shall we go?..... so, at 8 am, Steve was at my door...... just one problem - the bird had disappeared over the sea wall and been lost from view, with no further sign! It was decision time.... to go, or call it a day! We called the trip off and Steve headed back to work - only to message me 1 hour later to say that the bird had returned! We decided to go for it, so, two and half hours later, we were walking down the track towards Gunhill, which is where the bird had re-emerged. On the way down, Little Tern, Marsh Harrier and a couple of Spoonbills were noted. There were plenty of birders there - all with there optics pointing towards some low bushes, but just has we arrived, the Spectacled Warbler flew to some thicker vegetation....however, it wasn't long before we had some really good views of the bird, and what a stunning bird it was!! Below is a record image of the Spectacled Warbler and it was a British tick for Steve and I.We enjoyed a good few hours birding before heading home for tea.
Spectacled Warbler carrying nest material


  1. You did well to have seen it AND got an image buddy, well done!

  2. Cheers lads, a good twitch really with everybody behaving themselves..........