Monday, 3 February 2020

South Africa Images

Just a few more images I thought I would put on the Blog as I was going through some more of the images I took.

                                                                    Male Lion


 Sleeping Flamingos

 Ready for take off..

 If anyone is thinking of going to Cape Town, Boulders Beach is a must. The colony of African Penguins are so close and it is ideal for taking lots of images; they are so photogenic.


 Alpha male Chacma Baboon

Male Lion at Aquilla Game Reserve

 Cape Sugarbird

 This really poor image of a Knysna Turaco which was seen at Tsitsikamma Reserve  

 Speckled Mousebird

 Orange Breasted Sunbird; we had much better views at Rooi Ells - a site on the south coast between Hermanus and Cape Town. This also a really  a good site for Rock Jumper and Ground Woodpecker,  though we only saw the latter, sadly not the Rock Jumper.

 Cape Robin-chat

Southern Double-collared Sunbird; this individual did look in a sorry state as it carried on feeding in the garden at our accommodation in Knysna during the rain

Great holiday!....would I go back I ask myself?  I certainly would - but probably the east side, up and around Krugar National Park.

Thanks for stopping by.  My next blog will be on a couple of twitches I've been on lately

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