Sunday 21 September 2014

Patch Birding

I really should put more on my blog about my patch at Brascote Gravel Pits. Its not that i'm lazy - its just that it's only a small area of old workings that used to extract gravel, and there are only a couple of the old settling pools that still hold water; there are lots of sallow, and some old woodland, and this is all surrounded by arable farming with a few cattle, but saying that, we have had some really good birds - e.g. Bearded Tit, Black Redstart,  Avocet and Wood Sandpiper to name but a few! It's just sometimes really hard work to find anything at all - but I suppose that's why we do patch birding - hoping to find something a little more unusual than the more common birds. To this end, every now and then, I'll put some of the wildlife that appears on my patch. The Redstart  image below was from last weekend, found by John - a good mate of mine.
Common Redsart

As always, I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog.