Sunday 28 June 2015

Gotcha!! about time

       For the last three years now I have  been aware of a Tawny Owl roosting in late spring and summer, in some horse chestnuts on my local patch;  it does have a favoured tree, so when Pete and I walk down through the trees, we always have a quick look, and very rarely you might get a glimpse of  the owl among the foliage - but never enough to get any images though, which does get a bit frustrating at times, to say the least! A few weeks ago, I was walking by the tree in question with another mate (Dave Taylor) and saw the owl sitting high up but in the open.  Dave had his camera with him so he started getting a few images but mine was back at the car, so off I went to get it - only for Dave to tell me on my return it had flown to another tree and we just couldn't find it! (Lesson there, I think - always have your camera at your disposal!)  So..... today I was on my own, walking around the patch.  I didn't walk by the trees, instead plumping to walk down the hedgerow hoping for a warbler or two, but to no avail. Halfway down the first track the 'yaffle' of a Green Woodpecker caught my attention, coming from its' favoured  tree.  I noticed a pair Green Woodpeckers which then  fly into the horse chestnuts - and the noise they were making was amazing!  This went on for 5 or 6 minutes, which got me thinking -  was the owl about??  I left them carrying on - they were not happy about something! I carried on down towards the wood, noting a Blackcap  singing his little heart out (I love their song) and it was good to 3 LR Plovers on the deep settling pool. The only other birds of note today beside these were 22 Swift heading south,  so I headed back to the car. On reaching the horse chestnuts,  I gave the owls favourite tree the once over - and sure enough, there it was - quite high, but in the open. Remember about the lesson about the camera?? well obviously I haven't  learnt yet, so back to the car get the camera, and hope the owl was still there when I returned! Thankfully it was. The foliage around it didn't help matters, but I was quite pleased to get some kind of image at last,  a couple of which are below                                        



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Saturday 13 June 2015

Whoop Whoop!!!!

I've just returned from a relaxing cruise around Italy - and very nice it was too - but the Friday before  me and the Duchess were due to set sail,  (the 29th May),  I had a call from my mate Ben Croxall saying that Andy Forryan had found two first summer Whooper Swans on Groby Pool; I couldn't get there till early evening, and was expecting them to be in the middle or on the far side of the water - or even not to be there at all - so wasn't expecting to get any images, but on our arrival, the two birds in question were right in front of us and being very aggressive towards the local Swans and Geese.  I know these Whooper Swans are regular visitors in the winter, and we do get a few in Leicestershire now and then, but I thought it a bit of a bizarre record for two Whooper Swans to be in  Leicestershire at the end of May.

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