Wednesday 27 October 2021

RSPB Blacktoft Sands

 Just before I set off for Shetland, my mate John Hague asked if I fancied a look at the White-tailed Plover that was residing at the RSPB Blacktoft Sands reserve and had been there for quite some time; It's always nice to go and see a British rarity. On arriving, we were directed to First Hide where the bird was being seen, sure enough  it was there - but tucked up in some reeds, asleep. It remained there for an hour or so apart from a little walk, but decided to go back to sleep again. I managed a couple of distant images but nothing brilliant.A few Ruff were seen from this hide, along with Little Egret and a Male Marsh Harrier. We walked down to Singleton Hide where there were lots of Duck including Shoveler, Wigeon, Teal, Mallard and Gadwall. Waders including  Greenshank, Snipe, Lapwing, Ruff and Black-tailed Godwit.

                                                             White-tailed Plover

White-tailed Plover

Ruff just taking off

We had a look from Marshland Hide and Xerox Hide where Green Sandpiper, Redshank and more Duck were seen, and a  large flock of Pink-footed Geese went over. We watched a Grey Heron which John and I thought was having a vole for lunch, but another birder who was videoing it informed us the Heron's lunch was in fact a Tree Sparrow! how bizzare!!

Grey Heron lunching on a Tree Sparrow

Male Marsh Harrier


Tree Sparrow

It's a great reserve, and we really enjoyed our 3 or 4 hours mooching around it, and on the way back to 
the car park it was nice to watch the Tree Sparrows at the feeding station.
Like I said, the following week I was off to the Shetland Isles, so once I've sorted through my images I'll hopefully have some to put on the blog. 

As always thanks for stopping by.